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Welcome to Arch O&P 

Here at Arch O&P, we are a patient-centered, family-oriented care facility for all of your prosthetic and orthotic needs. We provide a full service of prosthetics and orthotics for patients of all ages, from pediatric to adult patients. We also provide home visits for all of our patients at no charge. Our compassionate provider as well as our highly trained staff spend time with you whether on the phone or in person to ensure you get the proper treatment. Our staff members are fully fluent in English and Spanish and we are here to satisfy all of your needs. 

Your Source of Supportive Devices

All of us are different. Some of us are born with deficiencies and others acquire them over a lifetime. Here at ARCH O & P in Wellington, Florida, we have the latest and most advanced products in prosthetics and orthotics that we utilize on all of our patients to provide them with the best care possible. 

Mission Statement

At Arch O & P, our primary and only concern is our patient. To accomplish this, we work with each patient listening to their needs and concerns in order to achieve the desired goal. Our desire is for our patients to be able to go about their day to day activities with comfortable feeling and without any difficulty. 


“Dr Matt helped both my grandfather and grandmother. He is very caring, patient and gets the job done right. They are elderly and Dr Matt drove to their home to see them for no extra charge. Highly recommend”

  “Matt has gone above and beyond to assist with my MIL and all the braces and things she needed. He was thorough and reap cares about the people he is helping. What a great experience and company”

“Awesome team they took their time to fulfill my special needs, above and beyond all around!!”

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